Monday, July 28, 2008

Old Cook Books, Hidden Treasures

Old cook books usually contain more than just the recipes, things like 50th Anniversary napkins for Harry and Elizabeth (1894 - 1944) and hand written family recipes such as Mock Maple Cookies from Marfala. My favorite fell out of a copy of Mrs. Putnam's Receipt Book and Young Housekeepers Assistant (1867), a clipping from an unknown newspaper which was originally published by the N. Y. Tribune - Remedy for Diptheria. Thank goodness modern medicine has progressed:

"Make two small bags that will reach from ear to ear, and fill them with ashes and salt; dip them in hot water, and wring them out so they will not drip, and apply them to the throat; cover up the whole with a flannel cloth, and change them as often as they become cool, until the throat becomes irritated, near blistering. ........ at the same time use a gargle made of one teaspoonful of cayenne pepper, one of salt, one of molasses, in a teaspoonful of hot water, and when cool, add one fourth as much cider vinegar, and gargle every fifteen minutes until the patient requires sleep. A gargle made of castile soap is good to be used part of the time."

Ouch and Yuk.

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