Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dallas Zoo To Do Hullabaloo, It's Fun for Kids Too

They don't write any better than Bob, he's my favorite DMN columnist (after Kevin Sherrington, of course) and he wrote about the upcoming (September 13th) event in yesterdays column, so follow the link. I would like to add that since our kids became teenagers we've enlisted their (and a few of their friends) help in our booth, now it's their favorite event of the year. And last year I noticed many guests bringing young'uns, I mean how cool is it to have a private party at the zoo? At night? And with unlimited Paciugo? So this year, show your kids that excellence doesn't "just happen", it takes work - but sometimes the work can be fun. Buy a seat for your kid, bring them along and help us help the Dallas Zoo. Find out more here.

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