Saturday, August 30, 2008

Costco In Plano, Why Not In North Dallas?

I mean it's not like we don't have the space. Had to pick up a pair of specs today (Saturday), and you might say the store was "printing money". Lines at the gas pumps 5 cars deep, people waiting for available shopping carts, and overflowing carts on the way out. Luckily I had paid earlier, the lines to check out were probably horrendous. But Costco won't go where they can't sell beer and wine.

North (and most of East) Dallas' residents hopes have been dashed due to a ruling by the Texas Supreme Court that a petition to hold an alcohol election was invalid. Shrinking are my hopes of a "mom and pop" wine bistro in the former gun shop on the corner. North Dallas is left to make it's purchases in Plano and Addison, which is a closer option for most than the wet areas in the city limits. And until the City Councilmembers see this as a priority issue and apply pressure on the County Commissioners to facilitate this change, we can just let that sales tax revenue keep going to our suburban neighbors.

Dr. Webb
, your legacy lives on.

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