Friday, August 29, 2008

Warning: Cancer May Cause Blogging

If you had asked me, just over a year ago, what a blogger was I would have responded that it sounded like something that requires a decongestant. Then my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and for a period of time each test came back with very bad news. The internet became more than an email and shopping venue, we relied on it to locate the latest research about Jim's illness. The outpouring from our community was enormous, mainly because of a friend-who-happens-to-be-a-food-editor, Nancy Nichols, who shared our information on the SideDish weblog. I actually started to read the articles on SideDish, and it's sister blog, FrontBurner, and the internet became yet another source - my sense of humor.

So, a year later I'm posting on my own site and SideDish (once a week), and oh yeah sometimes I post comments on the DMN Education blog, but that's like swimming upstream - our kids go to DISD. What got into me? My only previous experience with this was starting a company newsletter - in 1984 - it lasted for 2 editions! I read Elizabeth Edward's autobiography, Saving Graces, and she relied on the internet for information and solace when her oldest son died, and later when she was diagnosed with breast cancer (these days she probably posting about some other unhappy events). While most people choose to post anonymously, there is an element of familiarity amongst people who regularly comment.

Not sure what I want back from this, maybe to be asked to judge the fried food entries for the state fair? Going for a DBest? Not likely. It's not about making money, but if it did, I'd spend it to hire Bethany to edit me. It's a fun, creative, stimulating outlet, and the ideas just keep coming. I know I'm not a "real" writer, but at least I produce. Comments can be tough, but shoot I'm the oldest of three girls, my nose has been bloodied before (thanks Missy). So I think I'll continue to find the time for it, right between taking care of accounts payable and payroll.

And the cancer? Well we take it each test at a time, as do thousands of others around us. Right now, it's really not worth blogging about.

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Anonymous said...

Amy, you have found (another) true calling! Don't throw away that Superwoman cape!