Friday, August 29, 2008

Meet the Cocker, Chapter 1 - The Loot

Gaylord Cocker, formerly of Canton, now greeting guests at my front door.

Left Dallas this morning wearing my Lebowski '08 t-shirt, equipped with camera and cash. Arriving in Canton around 11:30, the temperature read 92 degrees. Best parking is at the west gate, exit 526, which feeds into the outdoor lots that house more flea market type treasures.

At first I thought this was the wrong weekend (it's happened before) there were hardly any cars in the lot, but sure 'nough there was someone there to take my $4 for parking. It was just a light day, the heat and the holiday meant bargains galore - every vendor was willing to compromise on prices. A couple of paintings, a glass mosaic table, an apron, a box to hold crochet hooks in - oh and books.

New additions to The Collection include:
* Cooking in Zambia, 1968, The Mothers Union, Church of the
Holy Nativity, Ndola
* Touring Girls Cook Book, 1971, Texas Girl's Choir
* His & Hers Beer Cook Book, 1970ish?

Non-cooking books I couldn't resist:

* The Complete Story, Galveston Horror, 1900, written by the Survivors
* The Infamous Dude Dictionary, 1934, Harriet Peters, Dave Stirling & Dick Rome
* Mapsco - Dallas, 1959

And hey, Senor Velasquez, I found your "leetle cabra".

I walked and talked my way across the entire range of booths, and headed back to my car after consuming eight drinks, the temperature was 99 degrees and "the Dude" smelled bad. Turning on the air conditioning, I looked at the clock and realized it was only 1:30, but I was done, the heat won, besides it looked like rain over Dallas.

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