Thursday, October 23, 2008

How Tammy Harbin Made My Day Positively Radiant

Great news from Tammy Harbin, owner of Texas Cash Register which supplies many, many Dallas restaurants with the Aloha point-of-sales systems. Aloha's parent company, Radiant Systems and Texas Cash Register will be donating to the Conrad High School Restaurant Management magnet the software, a terminal, a printer and the installation/wire running/etc. for the restaurant operations.

Huge advantages all the way around - since I'm familiar with this system, they'll have an on-hand programming trainer, the kids become familiar with a system that is popular and widely used in restaurants, and Radiant and TCR (besides being excellent corporate citizens) have a group of kids who will be graduating familiar with their system (y'go with what y'know, IJS).

I'm glowing.

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