Monday, October 27, 2008

Canton Trade Days This Week - Plan Accordingly

My August trip to First Monday in Canton produced three posts (Meet the Cocker, Walking & Talking and Who Needs the State Fair?). And I noticed that while this is also Halloween weekend, it's time to visit Canton and shop again. The vendors will begin displaying December holiday wares, and since one of my many job titles for the restaurant is "Holiday Decorator/Wreath Maker", I'll be visiting to stock up on goodies.

With the weather much cooler, I'm anticipating large crowds, meaning lots of those mechanized scooters blocking the shed alleys. To avoid this, I've got a secret plan - shhhh, I'll share it if you don't tell everyone. I'm going out there on Thursday to avoid the crowds. While there won't be as many vendors in the flea market area, the shed vendors pay more rent - so they'll be present and selling their goods.

My other recommendation? Buy - don't wait, there's no guarantee that any items will be around at the next Trade Days in November/December (let alone later in the day), they are looking to sell out their stock this weekend. Several times I've gotten home, wishing I'd bought a second, third or fourth of something only to return later to find it all gone.

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