Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'll Take Mine Shaken

If only I could go, but maybe you can! A Cocktail Showdown shake-off between the bartenders of Abacus, Jaspers (Plano, Woodlands and Austin), and Shinsei restaurants on Sunday, November 23rd at Abacus Restaurant.

Bartenders will make one drink with Grey Goose Vodka, and one drink from their choice of any other Bacardi (sponsor) product in their portfolio. Guests vote for the winner, assuming they can after tasting all these delicacies - prizes for the bartenders include a trip to Mexico and a featured drink on the menus of all three restaurants.

Cost of the evening, $75, includes an Abacus Style Texas BBQ buffet - I want to know if they're serving Elk. Contact "Girl Friday" Donna Tanner at 469-867-3681 or to reserve your fun today.

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