Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Conrad's (Almost) Cooking

December is a very busy month in the restaurant industry and it's when my job includes everything from holiday decorations to printing gift certificates, so I apologize for the low number of posts. But I did spend some time over at Conrad High School's restaurant/magnet classroom last week, and their restaurant is almost open. First they had to have a dishwasher installed, then they had to pass inspection, now they are waiting for a permit from the City of Dallas.

They've scheduled the installation date for the point-of-sale equipment and software which is being donated by Radiant Systems and Texas Cash Register (Thank you Tammy!). For now they are learning their procedures using handwritten tickets - which is a very handy thing for servers to know how to do. However, a computerized system will help make everyone's job easier.

Each days menu will feature a choice of entrees, and includes salad and a beverage for a flat $5. I think they'll be busy, and I'll let you know when they are open to the public.

Oh, and I have a new assignment, selling yearbook ad space for their first ever graduating class - now this is something I love doing. $300 full page, $175 for half - email me.

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