Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pantry Finds - or Hey, I Forgot We Had That!

New Year, clean pantry. Well kind of - it would be cleaner if I hadn't decided to do a NYE Blogathon. But in starting the job, a few delicacies surfaced that we're going to have on New Years Day.

Mayhaw Jelly, by Pleasant Acres says it's a "Certified Product of Louisiana" (Pineville). I have no idea what a mayhaw is, and for a jelly it's pretty runny, but we're cracking it open and spreading it on our bagels in the morning - or throwing it away if it's horrible. I believe there are some football games on tomorrow, so we'll be dishing up Evan & Burt's (Fort Worth)"Jalalujah" Green Fudge, made with jalapenos, water, onions, vinegar and other stuff.

Evening appetizers will be from Napa, we brought back jars of tapenade: Roasted Portobella with Porcinis & Shallots; and Mediterranean with Olives, Capers & Merlot, all by Made In Napa Valley. We can move on to Tortilla Soup by Chef Dean Fearing, and a salad with Sevy's Caesar Salad dressing. I had already planned on roasting a chicken for dinner, now I'm going to glaze it with some of Dean's Silky Orange Blossom Sauce. We also saved a tenderloin and a NY strip from Christmas to have, we'll sprinkle them with a little of Chef Richard Chamberlain's Steak Rub. To go with the Starthistle honey (Pat Brady, 989-754-6415 - brought back from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan last summer) will be warm cornbread.

Best of all, dessert. Vanilla ice cream with lots of Sander's Milk Chocolate Hot Fudge, another Michigan staple. And then I'll have some free space in my pantry.

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