Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Good Morning Hard Times

Shopping. For some it means to going to the store, for others it means poking holes in cars to see what others have bought. Apparently we had the latter cruising through our neighborhood last night, wanting to know what goodies were tucked behind those heavily tinted windows. The thieves apparently weren't interested in a well-used set of golf clubs encased in a lovely Sevy's Grill logo'd golf bag.

Since I'm the early bird in the family, I had the joy of going up to tell Sevy about the new ventilation system someone had installed. Of course, with all the shootings going on around us last night, the Chef prefers to think the car had been sniped - right. And the Boy, who parks right behind him was very glad he'd taken his stereo system out of his car, Dad needed the old truck for a catering gig a few days ago.

Well at least they didn't get into the house, but that would have been at least entertaining (in a funny Coen brothers movie kind of way), as we had multiple teenage girls sacked out on the living room floor and three 70+ lb. dogs waiting to greet them. And they wouldn't have found anything more than the car contained, you can see our tree hasn't received very much attention (yet).

Squirrel hunting training for the puppies is going to take on a whole new dimension.

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