Wednesday, December 31, 2008

News From the NRA

This months newsletter from the National Restaurant Association contains a link to an incredible award winning 6 minute video produced by the NRA. While skeptics may see it as a political piece, for someone inside the industry it captures the sense of family those of us working in this industry share.

Sevy and I have dined in other states, other countries, and yet when we've disclosed our relationship in the industry, we've been welcomed into the back of the house, given tours, even picked up at 5 am at our hotel to tour the local markets. People who work in this tough laboring field have an understanding and respect for others who chose a career of satisfying people through food and service.

2008 was a horrible year in our industry, more restaurants closed than opened and we hate to see those hopes crushed. May 2009 see more dreams reached than destroyed. Enjoy good food and good wine with good friends, Happy New Year.

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