Tuesday, April 14, 2009

All the Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

Rarely will you find me at the restaurant, I used to go down in the mornings and open the place up, it was my favorite time of the day with the back-lit yellow glow of the bar and the darkened dining room. Let's face it, having the accountant hang around all day can put a damper on operations, plus the tiny, tiny office couldn't handle one-tenth of the paper I generate, so voila, home office.

But early last evening I was in the restaurant for my investment club meeting (Hey Syndicate girls!), and I just wanted to share with Dallas ladies that the boy-to-girl ratio in the bar was like 15:1 - and they didn't look like they'd just got off the golf course. As if you need one more reason to drop by, Mondays through Fridays (in the bar) ladies may enjoy 1/2 price wines by the glass, we offer over 30 delicious varieties.

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mrs. mary mack said...

I'll make sure to tell all of my single gal friends! LOL