Wednesday, April 15, 2009

TABC, I (Almost) Heart You

April, the month we annually renew our license with the TABC used to be very stressful (nightmares of missing the due date may have caused spikes in Tylenol PM usage). The two forms were legal sized, used carbon paper and were in triplicate, copies of your menu were required and it all had to be notarized. Last week I mailed ours in, the new forms are just a front-back piece of paper and much easier to decipher the amount owed. Well, except this year the amount was double previous years amounts due to state law changes, after three years of licensing your annual renewal changes to a two year renewal (note to self, see how this ties with lease expiration dates). Next April is going to be absolutely stress free!

And today, in my mailbox, some bang for my two years of bucks, the TABC is launching a new website sometime today. Maybe it too will be as user friendly as the other changes.

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