Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Opening Soon, Maybe Monday?

On the southwest corner of Walnut Hill and Central (75) Expressway (down by SAS Shoes), no telling what Cappa stands for (maybe cappucino?), the manager had just stepped away when I dropped by. Can't find anything on the internet either, so maybe it's a new concept. Anyhow, the sign says coffee & panini's, it must be on disposable plateware, because they didn't have a kitchen or dishwasher.

Workmen were busy getting something fixed in the ceiling, but they said the target opening date is Monday. Ummm, well I'm certain that is contingent on getting the permits, which I'm fairly sure they don't have yet given the work being done. Then they have to train the staff, and get in a lot of supplies, and basically set up the restaurant.

The interior, well very similar to a Starbucks with less seating area, a counter with an open fridge unit for self-selection of bottled drinks, in the back was counter space for I assume panini presses. Also set into the back wall, glass containers for different types of coffee beans.

They did not have menu copies so I could share their selections with you, so sorry.

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