Friday, April 24, 2009

Dear Jim Schutze, Searching For Stroh's

My thirst was ignited for the flavors of the Detroit beer of my youth after this post (give me a break, this was Michigan in the 1970's). Since then I have been emailing contacts to find if my childhood beer can be found anywhere in the metroplex. So far, no word back, but I'm not worried. I have a secret source in the U.P. who I could convince to ship me someone in Dallas who doesn't have a liquor license a six-pack, or even two.

So Mr. Schutze, perhaps you could come up with a suggestion for a menu for such a brew, and we can invite Dave to join us, he can even write about it for "Pairing Off". I know a chef who can cook, IJS. And if you happen to play euchre, we can enjoy a foursome. Go Green, Go White.
UPDATE: No comment, except maybe, "Thanks Mom".

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