Monday, April 27, 2009

Delicious Monday

Steak sandwich with melted mozzarella on a toasted kaiser roll. Couldn't sleep at about 5 am, so decided to make the Boy something special in his lunch. Because in about 2 months, this Mommy custom will be ending when his senior year comes to a close. And just as I was practicing my loudest "Pig Souiiiiie!" yell, he "signed on the dotted line" accepting Mizzou's kind offer to join their Honors College.

But this isn't a cooking blog, and that's not why today started out so tasty. In today's Dallas Morning News, a front page article about Sunset High School (DISD) and the wonderful staff under the leadership of Tony Tovar. I've met Mr. Tovar many times over the last several years when Hillcrest has played Sunset in baseball, and it's a very tough game. Not only because they're strong opponents, but because Tony Tovar's brother, Mike is the Boy's baseball coach at Hillcrest. They are an amazing family, their parents come to every home baseball game - even in the years when they didn't have grandchildren playing. Glad to see great news in their world.

And then, to make things even more delicious (can you have dessert for breakfast?) in the Metro Section an article about Skyline's Mock Trial team getting ready for National competition. These kids want it bad, they were just amazing to watch in action. I hope they can get a win. The only thing missing was how donations to help this team can be made. IJS, if you want to see success, $50 can go a long ways. I'm trying to track that info down now.

UPDATE: I really need to go on a diet. Just opened an email from last Friday, and saw another great recipe for success in the Advocate. Hillcrest Dad and Band Teacher extraordinaire, Mr. Brian Adam Smith makes me wish I'd gotten the Boy and Sister involved in music. Not only has our marching band grown in size, their performances Rock! And he manages to be a great dad to his three kids. Good stuff there.

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Amy Severson said...

From an emailed inquiry (Thank you Tawnell):

Hi, Amy

You can send donations to: Skyline Mock Trial team, 2939 South Bend Dr., Dallas, Texas 75229. A statement should be included with the check indicating that the funds are for miscellaneous expenses of The Skyline Mock Trial Team. For more information, contact the team at 972-502-3560 or e-mail Joe Wicker at

Tawnell D. Hobbs
Education reporter
The Dallas Morning News