Friday, September 4, 2009

Here's A Tip.....

From Dallas' ForbesRobinson, "a business consulting firm specializing in the emotional intelligence that underlies all relationships and assures successful meetings and events." this little tidbit in my mailbox about tipping.

Tips on Tipping in Tough Times
If you get poor service do you have to leave a tip?
Culturally, we've agreed on tipping between 15% and 20% as a way of supplementing skimpy wages. Not leaving a tip is uncivilized and does not correct poor service. Writing a note on the check commenting on poor service or wonderful service is a much more effective way of communicating your feelings.

Tip jars or suggestions to tip are everywhere. Do you have to tip?
No, you don't and I personally think they are tacky. A better way to let the person who has served you above and beyond their job description is to tell them directly. Let the person know you appreciate their effort and thank them. If you really want to make someone's day (including your own because it will feel so good to do this) write a note to the owner and copy the employee.

Do you tip for take out?
There is no need because the tips will just be split. Simply smile and thank them.

How about tipping the delivery driver?
A delivery person typically gets the entire tip. Giving 10% of the bill is a good rule of thumb. Also factor in weather, how quickly it was delivered and how often you order from the same restaurant.

Personally, I leave a small gratuity with take-out if the bartender or hostess reviews the order in my presence to make sure it is correct. I also leave something on the table at counter-service restaurants if the bussers refill my drink for me (Yo, Prego Express!).

Ashley Forbes-Kellogg is the president of this wonderful company, I first met her during Sevy's Dakota's days. But in last Friday's edition of the Dallas Business Journal I noticed she's writing a monthly column - Loved It Ashley!

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