Friday, September 18, 2009

It's Twins!

Announcing two new products in the Star Chef collection by hubby "Sevy" Severson and Canyon Specialty Foods of Dallas.

Great with steaks, pastas, on sandwiches or as a crostini topping is his Caramelized Onions. With a touch of brown sugar and balsamic vinegar, it's delicious, low fat, vegan and gluten free.

And to compliment seafood, poultry or a cheese tray, an Agrodolce Relish. Incorporating sweet and tart flavors for this traditional Sicilian "salsa", the main ingredients are tomatoes, golden raisins, capers and pinenuts.

Like the other Star Chef products, these are now available at Canyon Food's headquarters in Northeast Dallas, at area HEB stores and at Central Market.

Sevy is so pleased with how these products are being received. Last week he received an email from Mary Jolly of No Name Cookers, in Grangerland, Texas:
On Saturday, Sept. 5, 2009, my husband, my best friend and I did a small bar-b-que cookoff in our small town, about 15 pits, and used your sweet ancho chile relish as a garnish on one of our entry's and that day we won 1st place on that entry. Again, on Saturday Sept. 12, 2009, my family (husband, son's best friend, and other friends) were in another bar-b-que cook-off, and once again we used your product on the same receipt and once again we won 1st place, the only difference this time there were 88 pits (which means teams). I just thought that you would like to hear that you will always be a part of that receipt, and others, thank you.
Mary Jolly, ya'll must make some great barbecue, glad we could help.

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