Monday, September 14, 2009

Uncrustably Creative?

I have been known to comment on other blogs using poetic license to carry my thoughts on a subject. Time waste, I know, but fun to create something out of nothing.

So when I saw this ad on another blog today, I had to giggle, and share. There's a lot of creative people out there - and who can't use a $550 Visa gift card?

Not a bad way to run a marketing campaign in todays economy, either.


Ryan said...

But what does it say about our food habits as a society that there is a market for pre-assembled PB&J? Is it really that hard to slap two pieces of Wonder bread together?

Will the packaged food industry ever run out of ways to create "value-added" food that monetizes our laziness?

Amy Severson said...

After 14 years of volunteering in public schools with 70+ percent low income students, I can unequivocably say, "Yes, for some parents it really is that hard to slap two pieces of Wonder bread together."

Sad, but true (I'm thinking of the very young man whose parents sent him to school with two cans of spray cheese and a box of Ritz crackers each week).

My kids went through a very brief Crustables phase, it didn't kill them and I made sure they had other things to eat in their lunch that were healthy. And at least at it's core it's a vegetable protein.

But yeah, it pretty much commercialized the American traditional sandwich.