Thursday, September 24, 2009

Who Loves Olive Oyl?

Popeye and Brutus do - at least that's what we hope since these Arbequina olive trees are both fruit and oil producers (and self pollinating). Meet the two newest additions to our agrilicious backyard, Popeye and Brutus, joining Chyna (in background), our Mandarin orange tree. They are from Bob Wells Nursery in Lindale, Texas, which happens to be right between Dallas and Shreveport, where we went on a little birthday getaway. In December I'm visiting Mr. Wells again, he'll have black raspberry canes in stock, minimum purchase is 10 for $50 and they'll make fun Christmas gifts.

Arbequina olives originated in Spain, and are especially cold-hardy (down to 10 degrees Farenheit). But they also love the heat, poor soil, and dry conditions which make them perfect for the back of our backyard. Because, fully grown, they are not very pretty. We purchased 4 gallon plants for $39.50 each, and picked up a few extra for some chef friends.

So far all the trees planted in the last year have made it through a not-so-tough Texas summer.

Oh, and in case I don't post tomorrow (9/25), happy birthday to my very-much-fun honey.

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