Friday, May 14, 2010

Rainy Weekend Reading

Landing in our mailbox just in time for the rain, the spring edition of Gastronomica.  There's an article about the growing contemporary influence on Belgian cuisine (our General Manager at Sevy's, Stefaan Vandemoortele, is Belgian); a biography of Tillie Lewis, pioneer of tomato canning in 1940's California;  a delicious looking young chef named Alexander Feldman of Alba in Boulder, Colorado; and (in kind of a continuation of last month's article, Why Are There No Great Women Chef's? by Charlotte Druckman), Mastering the Art of Feminist Mentorship, a look at the movie Julie & Julia in the light of "one woman finding herself through the professional achievements of another."

If you don't have a subscription to this quarterly, issues are usually for sale at Barnes and Noble.

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