Monday, May 17, 2010

Savanna Smiles at the Dallas Zoo

Last night was the Patron/Preview party of the new Savanna exhibit - 11 acres put to very good use.  A cheetah interacted with the toddlers, through the glass, all the kids thought "Kitty" was playing, all the parents looked up to see how tall the enclosure was.  The elephants have an amazing setting, three waterfalls and so much land.  And the giraffes can give you a kiss as you walk by!

I met some people for the first time and saw some old friends.  Mayor Leppert was there (met him), Sheffie Kadane (sorry if I offended when I asked if you were on the Council), Linda Koop (Hillcrest HS grad).  David Holben brought his kids, they help every year at the Zoo-To-Do fundraiser.  And I will forever think of the three cheetahs as Ellen Winspear's big cats, here kitty, kitty.

Here's the pictures!

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