Monday, May 3, 2010

Score Five For The Collection

Canton's Trade Days didn't yield much more than an old copy of Irma S. Rombauer's, A Cook Book for Girls and Boys ($2), so after driving back to Dallas I decided to make one more stop at a local antique store than can usually be relied upon for a few good old books.

Score!  Added to the collection, and from the history of Big D is the Motherhood Class Cook Book, from the classes conducted by Mrs. E. C. Poole, teacher at Tyler Street M. E. Church, South, published in 1923.  From 1940 is Let's Eat, Favorite Recipes of Members of Oak Cliff Society of Fine Arts (compiled and edited by The Finance Committee).  Published around 1947 is Favorite Texas Recipes by Margaret Boone (compiled and published by Metzger Dairies) who for many years was a Home Economics teacher at Sunset High School.   And finally, With Or Without Beans, by Joe Cooper (published 1952) is an informal biography of chili wtih help from a few "Chilosophers".  More Texana lore than cook book, but mostly fun.

Both of the non-Dallas cook books involve Latin cuisine.  First, reprinted in 1945 is Mexican Cookbook, by Erna Fergusson (The University of New Mexico Press) which when originally published in 1934 educated many Yankees about the use of chiles in food.  Second is Libro de Cocina de Los Aliados, or the Allied Cook Book, a 1944 publication of the Allied Sewing Committee, Guatemala, C.A., all of the recipes are both in Spanish and in English.  And tucked within, a letter addressed to a Mrs. Spence and written on motel stationary from 77 Ranch Courts on Harry Hines Blvd, a very nice thank you note regarding the loan of the book to a fellow guest from Lima, Peru.

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