Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Food In The City

At today's Days Of Taste class at the Dallas Farmers Market, a nice lady from  the DFM spoke to the kids about all the farmers who sell in the sheds and where they come from in Texas.  Then she went around the room of sixty-six fifth graders from Travis TAG Elementary and asked them if they were growing anything to eat at their homes (question - is catnip a human food?).  I had to keep my arm by my side - this class was for the kids, but I did lean over and whisper to my fellow volunteer, "We have olives".

We have olives, and blackberries, and blueberries, peaches, figs, meyer lemons, limes, shallots, garlic, arugula, butter lettuce, tomatoes, cherry peppers, banana peppers, and (whew) that's just what's fruiting so far.  Chives, dill, three kinds of basil, sage, oregano, thyme, lemon balm, stevia.  Our pomegranite trees are about to bloom but so far nothing on the black raspberries nor on the persimmon or mandarin orange trees.  And I just planted the lemon cucumber yesterday.

Why am I turning our backyard into a mini-farming garden?  Besides people thinking it's just so cool that you have real lemons and limes growing right outside your kitchen, I listened to an interview of Rosalind Creasy on The Splendid Table a month ago and I think she explains it so much better than I ever could put into words.    It's after the discussions on pizza, bulghar, and the interview with Master Bladesmith Bob Kramer, maker of the "Dream" knife (which probably should be at the top of every gourmand's wish list).  All well worth listening to.

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