Monday, February 2, 2009

Do Unto Others.......

I need something to change the flavor in my mouth, disappointment has a bitter taste. So tonight, since hubby is working a double shift, Sister is in Denton at a JV soccer game and the Boy has mock trial finals practice (who knew I birthed an "unimpeachable witness"?), I am going to sit my happy seat down at the bar at Houston's.

You see, I know Houston's would never advocate the position taken by certain thoughtless journalists. And they taught me (while in college) how to be the best waitress, well, that I was ever going to be up at the old location on Walnut Hill. And I really, really like Houston's food, as I suppose many others do, they are always busy.

And I gladly hand over to Park Cities the 1% of the sales, they are, after all, our neighbors.

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