Monday, February 2, 2009

Please, Can't We All Just Get Along?

I'm beginning to know how Rodney King felt. After a being "beaten up" by the Park Cities People Newspaper in an editorial last week, their editor, Jason Heid, claimed "justified force", or to quote "all things being equal, Park Cities residents might give preference to those businesses within their own municipalities." in his emailed explanation to me.

I think he missed my point. An organized movement such as the "Most Favored Shopping" status they proposed, is very divisive to a community, and it can backfire. I'm not going to speculate on who would come out short, Preston Hollow alone dwarfs the Park Cities, but why even start the fight? Not to mention, what is going on with their business model for advertising? Not only will the "non preferred" merchants say "No Thanks", but also PC businesses that don't want to get their fingers in this mess will probably say the same. The Reginald Dennys in all this are the businesses that will have to close.

So here's where I understand how Rodney King felt. Yeah, we've been unnecessarily and unfairly targeted, and in this economy we are all just trying to stay off of the "Closed" list on SideDish. But as I said in my original email to PC People Newspapers, "Park Cities does well when Dallas does well, and vice versa, let's concentrate on being good neighbors."

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Michael Gresham said...

Good points. In the current economy, a business community (which in the — yes I'm going to say it Wick — metroplex may span more than one city) needs to keep an eye out for its peers. We're all just holding on to our 'effin hats right now. There's no need to create more hurdles for some of us to clear.