Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Married, With Restaurant

Last night as I was drifting off with Channel 5 news, an ad for a new cooking show, where "eight couples go up against 'The World's Greatest Chef'". I immediately sat up and said "Wolfie?" (sorry honey). But no, it was an ad for the latest reality cooking show 'Chopping Block', featuring Marco Pierre White. According to NBC, Chef White (who apparently made Gordon Ramsay cry, so expect tears on this show) is "the original rock-and-roll chef" formerly winning three stars from Michelin, but who was retired for many years until he replaced Gordon Ramsay on the British version of "Hell's Kitchen."

Eight couples will be split into two teams, each team gets their own restaurant - next door to their competitors somewhere in Manhattan.. They will be responsible from taking the "bones" of the building through development, design and production to the finished product. One couple from the worst-performing eatery will be sent home each week. This lends the show a "novel twist," according to NBC reality chief Craig Plestis, "That's where you're going to see all the drama."

Yes, opening a restaurant can be extremely stressfull on a relationship, but is this a cooking show or a relationship show? I guess time will tell. One thing to keep in mind, it was all filmed last summer. The premiere episode is on March 11, 7pm (Central).

I've never seen Chef White's "Hell's Kitchen" episodes, but I did see him up against one of Dallas' top chefs, Richard Chamberlain. In my mind, Richard won that round.


Liz said...

Novel? It's already on BBC America. The show is called Last Restaurant Standing.

Dennis C Smith said...

This show already exists on BBC (Last Restaurant Standing with Raymond Blanc as chef-host).

Amy Severson said...

Apparently NBC thought it was such a success that they are producing their own version. "Novel twist" is their (NBC's) PR - based on the fact that it is all couples (thus adding another element of strife I guess), I haven't seen Last Restaurant Standing - does it involve couples?

Good gosh marriage is hard enough, why subject it to a TV reality show?

Anonymous said...

husband/wife, brother/sister, best friends, 2 sisters, mother/son, father/daugther. yep. I call all of those couples, and more interesting then just a married couple.

Anonymous said...

Chef White's Hell Kitchen is the bees knees.

If you're really into cooking you'd check it out.

Anonymous said...

"but I did see him up against one of Dallas' top chefs, Richard Chamberlain. In my mind, Richard won that round."

Well of course he did! ;-)