Friday, February 6, 2009

How To Cook A Senior Year

Can't. Get. The. Smile. Off. after last nights Mr. HHS contest up at Hillcrest. An annual talent (beauty?) contest for senior guys, the performances were some of the funniest in years. A skit from Abbott & Costello, a drum solo, Sinatra's "My Way", were some of the entrees on the menu. One young man wrote a song, which he accompanied on the piano; another danced - and his partner was his mom - and both were very good.

The Boy (while not saying he was talentless) opted to be the Master of Ceremonies, wearing a tux and at ease in front of the crowd, he had memorized the lines in only 2 days. Everyone wanted to know why he hasn't been in theater - I wanted to know why he hasn't been working the front door at the restaurant. My baby boy all of a sudden looked very manly.

Runner ups? Jake Sherrington, who was asked which was worse passing a kidney stone or having a teacher step on his new shoes (inside joke), and Josh Fein who painted a relief picture of the Statue of Liberty in under 3 minutes. And the winner of Mr. HHS and the People's Choice award? Jeff Wilke, who not only performed "Miss Jackson" with an electric ukelele, he kept his academic profile high by giving a thorough answer to the question about "What should we do about terrorism today." Jeff's heading off to Tufts, or Emory, or some other brainiac school that wants a National-Merit-Finalist-with-his-own-band . Subterranean Aviators, check it out.

I think it will be many years before this young man retires to be a bum.

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