Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Flu Got You? Here's What I'd Do

Call Jeff Dains, GM of Neiman Marcus' Downtown Restaurants at (214)573-8228 and order a Sunshine Tray. Personally I think they need to rename it the Ginormous Happy Basket, because even if you're feeling bad, its contents will cheer you up. Kevin Garvin told me that Mr. Marcus was the recipient when he was feeling under the weather and Jeff mentioned that they have people who send themselves a little "Sunshine" for illness or birthdays.

We received one a few years ago, a large wicker basket filled with their popovers, strawberry butter, fresh fruit, and two quarts of their deliciously delicate chicken broth. They have many options from their kitchen and bakery: muffins, shrimp salad, chicken salad, cheeses, you can build what you'd like. While the basket is not inexpensive at $60, it contains food for several days, or several people if others can't keep their hands off.

The healing qualities of food are debatable, but the comfort qualities certainly are fact - no doubt this basket is all about quality.

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