Sunday, February 15, 2009

Steal of a Meal Deal in the '230

Sure you can get a $2 hot dog outside of any hardware store in North Dallas, and a $4 hamburger - well McD's certainly sells for less. But what they can't offer is a free baseball game to go with it. Since last fall season the parents of the Hillcrest baseball team have busily built a full-sized concessions shed to better serve the players, their families and the community.

Yesterday I pulled the early shift, the Panthers were playing a 3 team scrimmage against RL Turner and Seagoville - I highly recommend the hot chocolate on chilly mornings. And the other afternoon during a 4:30 game they had the grill going and were selling hot dogs to the spectators and to students who were getting out of after-school activities. Not that it's a huge moneymaker, but it's certainly an amenity to the excitement happening on the field.

Everyone is welcome to come and watch, the schedule is here, we'll be cooking at almost every home game - for example this Saturday (2/21) there's a scrimmage against FW Brewer (JV at 10:00, Varsity at 12:00). Or beginning March 5th, we host a our annual Bryan Martin Classic Tournament (at HHS and St. Marks), with an amazing lineup (Palmer, ESD, St. Marks, Hyde Park, Pearce, Molina, Frisco Centennial, Wilson) - three days of food and baseball all day long.

Oh, and President & Mrs. Bush, since you're our new neighbors we'd be happy to set you up with some VIP seating should you come over to enjoy a game, we know you're big baseball fans.

Pictured from top: "Chef" Kevin Sherrington mans the grill - where'd you learn that technique Kevin?; the view from inside is the best seat in the house, motivating volunteerism; the crowds attending seemed to appreciate being able to buy a cold drink or snack.

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